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Amazing Generosity

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our wonderful donors we have just taken delivery of another 250 pairs of...

18.02.17 | Appeals

This is not going away.

This is the biggest refugee crisis of our lifetime. Just across the channel there are thousands in desperate need...

17.02.17 | Appeals

Volunteers Visit Welcome Centres

Last week our great volunteers visited another six welcome centres in various parts of France. It’s easy to forget...

16.02.17 | News


Today, Small Steps Project will be helping us donate gloves to refugees living on the streets of Paris. To show solidarity #withrefugees on Valentine’s...

14.02.17 | News

What do you see?

These are the places where the forgotten children of Calais are sleeping. This is worse than the Jungle ever...

13.02.17 | News

Italy’s Response to Refugees

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12.02.17 | News

We cannot let this happen.

Please sign and share this petition. Hours before the final vote on the triggering of Article 50 the government...

08.02.17 | News

Refugee Crisis in Calais Escalating

Last week we released our latest report on the state of the refugee crisis in Northern France, with some very disturbing...

31.01.17 | News

Samir’s Tragic Story

Samir, 17, thought he was finally about to reach the UK. Now he’s dead. The boys bowed their heads as...

25.01.17 | News

Protesting solidarity around the World.

Our culture of self interest and a materialism have brought us to this day. People have been scared. Scared...

25.01.17 | News

Calais Update

Every day we take food and aid to around 70 people who are sleeping rough in the Calais area....

23.01.17 | News

Why are we still here?

What is happening to the refugees in Calais and why is Care4Calais still there? One of our volunteers was asked...

17.01.17 | News

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