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Packs4Calais help refugees in Caen

This week our volunteers went to Caen to visit the refugees that stay there and in the nearby port...

19.07.18 | News

Pop up barbers for refugees

Last week on distribution we noticed that the guys’ hair was getting rather long so this weekend we brought...

17.07.18 | News

Susanna’s Story

I want to tell you a story but I don’t know how. How do I tell a story like...

15.07.18 | News

Please sign our petition

Please sign and share now before more children die * Over 600 people have so far drowned in the...

14.07.18 | News

483 drown in the Mediterranean while rescue ships are trapped in port

On 10 June 2018 Italy’s new government closed its ports to NGO rescue ships operating in the Mediterranean Sea,...

08.07.18 | News

Supplies are running low – Urgent Appeal

**URGENT DONATIONS APPEAL** When the sun is shining it’s normally a good thing, but for refugees these extreme weather...

07.07.18 | News

Reunite Refugee Families

Refugee families have been torn apart by war. Please take action today and join us by signing our petition...

06.07.18 | News

Together Against Trump Refugee Bloc

***ASSEMBLE FOR MARCH 2PM ALL SOULS CHURCH LANGHAM PLACE W1B 3DA*** Since coming to office Trump has pursued many...

05.07.18 | News

Sanctuary offered to young refugee

Tonight a young Sudanese boy is so excited to be sleeping indoors. He is 16, alone and has already...

03.07.18 | News

Soaring temperatures, but supplies are running low

This weekend was scorching in Calais, even inside the warehouse and as soon as you walked outside it hit...

01.07.18 | News

Human rights

Today I went to an asylum hearing at court. In both the UK and in France many claims are...

28.06.18 | News

Volunteering really makes a difference

This weekend we had a brilliant two days with over 70 volunteers from Stand Up To Racism. We visited various...

27.06.18 | News

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