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Tesafe’s Story

‘The Calais Jungle and the volunteers saved me, without them I would have given up, life was too hard,...

23.03.17 | Refugee Stories

Samir’s Tragic Story

Samir, 17, thought he was finally about to reach the UK. Now he’s dead. The boys bowed their heads as...

25.01.17 | News

Kamal Adam

We met this young man just after the Jungle was closed and he moved to a CAO, we stayed...

16.12.16 | Refugee Stories

A refugees account of the Calais Detention Centre

Our volunteers visit the Calais detention centre on a daily basis to check in with the refugees who are...

14.11.16 | Refugee Stories

Yousif’s Story

As a volunteer in Calais, people often ask me Why do refugees want to come to the UK, aren’t...

30.09.16 | Refugee Stories

The refugees we couldn’t do without

Over the last five months our Care4Calais building team would never have achieved so much without the help of...

29.08.16 | News

Yusra and the #RefugeeOlympicTeam

After swimming for her life as a refugee fleeing Syria, Yusra Mardini has been selected to compete at Rio 2016 as...

04.08.16 | Refugee Stories

Humans After All: Voices from Calais

A documentary, made by Tomo Brody, in the refugee camp in Calais featuring a sample of 65 different testimonies...

17.07.16 | Refugee Stories

Life in the Calais jungle: A child’s story

Thousands of children have fled their homes in Syria and the Middle East because of the ongoing war there....

26.05.16 | Refugee Stories

Meet the Sudanese refugee artist painting the migrant crisis.

Yasir*, a victim of the ongoing conflict in the South Kordofan region of Sudan, has been living in the...

24.05.16 | Refugee Stories

Sudan: “We are consumed by tragedies”

Nearly a decade ago I was kicked out of Sudan. I was driven to the airport by the police,...

22.05.16 | Refugee Stories

Milot, 10 & Hamid, 24

My name is Milot I´m 10 years old and I´m from Afghanistan. When I was in Afghanistan I loved...

15.03.16 | Refugee Stories

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