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Refugees tell us their most urgent needs

Over this weekend in Calais we asked 300 refugees what is the one thing they most need. The answers...

01.02.18 | Appeals

Family reunion

For people who have fled war and persecution, finding safety in the UK should mean the chance to rebuild...

01.02.18 | Appeals

Refugees cross Italian Alps in -19C

We followed the refugees up into the snowy Italian Alps, to the place where many now try to cross...

31.01.18 | News

Life in Ventimiglia

This weekend we went to Ventimiglia on the French/Italian border, where many refugees find themselves stranded since France tightened...

29.01.18 | News

Refugee Stories

More Refugee Stories

A young boys story

We arrived at the area where the Afghan refugees spend their winter days, in the bitter January rain. We...

27.01.18 | Refugee Stories

Safi’s Story

Safi is 16 years old and from Afghanistan. This image captures Safi’s current reality, a despairing reality for hundreds...

04.11.17 | Refugee Stories

A new life in the UK for our friend Fadhil

This is Fadhil. He is 23 years old and is from Iraq. We are unbelievably delighted to report that...

27.09.17 | Refugee Stories

Kamal’s Story

Remember Kamal, he had bad toothache after reaching a CAO back in November? I wrote to him the other...

31.08.17 | Refugee Stories

Volunteer Stories

More Volunteer Stories

What it’s like to volunteer

Recently I spent a few weeks volunteering with Care4Calais, a charity dedicated to providing essential aid to refugees sleeping...

26.01.18 | Volunteer Stories

7 year old Owen, collects Coats4Calais!

We love all our donors who have helped us collect coats for our winter appeal, but today we lost...

20.01.18 | Volunteer Stories

Giving refugees a home during the day

While volunteering with Care4Calais we visited an elderly French couple who have converted their house into a day centre...

16.01.18 | Volunteer Stories

A volunteer’s Paris experience

The last two days I have been in Paris … I didn’t climb the Eiffel Tower, I didn’t tour...

13.12.17 | Volunteer Stories

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