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Amazing work from our Volunteers

Amazing work this weekend by Donna Leech, Caroline Shaw, Sarah Oliverand Nicky Hughes with 300 individually packed bags of food and clothes distributed in...

29.07.17 | News

UN: Help Italy with refugee ‘tragedy’

UN official says over 12,000 people reached Italy’s shores over weekend as he calls for ‘urgent distribution system’. Read...

29.07.17 | News

Death toll soars on the Mediterranean

“European states have progressively turned their backs on a search and rescue strategy that was reducing mortality at sea...

29.07.17 | News

The Belgian Kitchen

The Belgian Kitchen does fantastic work – feeding over 400 refugees living on the streets in Brussels. However, this...

29.07.17 | News

Refugee Stories

More Refugee Stories

Tesmay’s Story

I took this photo in Calais on a nightly food drop to an area where a large amount of...

15.06.17 | Refugee Stories

Dunkerque Refugees Living in Woods

This is a three month old baby that I met today living in the woods near to Dunkerque with...

25.05.17 | Refugee Stories

Naz’s Story

Written by a brilliant returning volunteer, Sophie: This is Naz, one of 8 children and their families we visited...

04.05.17 | Refugee Stories

Sarah’s Story

“My name is Sannah and I am from Eritrea. I want to go to England because it is a...

12.04.17 | Refugee Stories

Volunteer Stories

More Volunteer Stories

Betsy’s Story

She was fourteen when she left Ethiopia for Europe, a wee girl with hair pulled tight and piled high...

19.07.17 | Volunteer Stories

A volunteer’s story

Today I went to a smaller camp we support, we gave necessities, blankets, food and clothes. Whilst I was...

15.06.17 | Volunteer Stories

This is Calais.

By André Gonçalves Cardoso. Before I start writing I just want to say I’m not a writer and there...

25.05.17 | Volunteer Stories

Hashim’s Story

I’m Hashim Hussein and I am from Sudan and for the last couple of days I have been volunteering...

25.05.17 | Volunteer Stories

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