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Can you donate a pair of trousers for a refugee?

The need for trousers today was very apparent as so many of the young refugees were wearing filthy or...

22.05.18 | News

‘I am fourteen and this is my life’.

A refugee sent this to me this week. It says ‘I am fourteen and this is my life’. Please...

20.05.18 | News

** New – Summer Needs List **

PLEASE SHARE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE We have updated our most needed items list for summer 2018. Please collect...

19.05.18 | News

Belgium authorities admit two year old girl, Mawda was shot when police opened fire

Authorities in Belgium have now admitted that this beautiful two-year-old girl, who died after police opened fire on a...

19.05.18 | News

Refugee Stories

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A Teacher’s Story

‘I actually loved being a teacher. But every year they changed what subject I had to teach. And some...

08.05.18 | Refugee Stories

For my friend in Calais

Imagine this tent is your home .. though if on their nightly patrols the authorities find it they will...

01.05.18 | News

Help refugee families be reunited

“The smugglers kept me in Libya for months. The beat us, electrocuted us, locked us up… sometimes they point...

15.03.18 | Refugee Stories

Ali’s Story

“If I hadn’t just sat down in the car, I would be dead for sure. I was driving to...

11.03.18 | Refugee Stories

Volunteer Stories

More Volunteer Stories

A volunteer’s story

Today in Calais we made a special effort to take out some of our best stuff – new walking...

29.04.18 | Volunteer Stories

My night in Verottier

This weekend one of our volunteers spent a night sleeping out with the refugees. This is what he wrote...

17.02.18 | Volunteer Stories

What it’s like to volunteer

Recently I spent a few weeks volunteering with Care4Calais, a charity dedicated to providing essential aid to refugees sleeping...

26.01.18 | Volunteer Stories

7 year old Owen, collects Coats4Calais!

We love all our donors who have helped us collect coats for our winter appeal, but today we lost...

20.01.18 | Volunteer Stories

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