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MPs who voted against the Dubs Amendment

With the general election called today we would encourage you to consider how your own MP has responded to...

19.04.17 | News

Visiting refugees in Belgium

This week we visited refugees sleeping rough on the streets of Brussels and Zeebrugge in Belgium. Things are hard...

12.04.17 | News

A Hard Day

Today has been difficult. Last night 1500 people lost their homes due to an uncaring state’s failure to recognise...

11.04.17 | News

Dunkerque Fire Update

Last night the camp at Grande Synthe was destroyed by a terrible fire. Volunteers have been working tirelessly through...

11.04.17 | News

Refugee Stories

More Refugee Stories

Sarah’s Story

“My name is Sannah and I am from Eritrea. I want to go to England because it is a...

12.04.17 | Refugee Stories

Tesafe’s Story

‘The Calais Jungle and the volunteers saved me, without them I would have given up, life was too hard,...

23.03.17 | Refugee Stories

Samir’s Tragic Story

Samir, 17, thought he was finally about to reach the UK. Now he’s dead.┬áThe boys bowed their heads as...

25.01.17 | News

Kamal Adam

We met this young man just after the Jungle was closed and he moved to a CAO, we stayed...

16.12.16 | Refugee Stories

Volunteer Stories

More Volunteer Stories

Nicola’s Story

‘When my 18-year-old son left home to go to university my husband and I were heartbroken. We were and...

02.03.17 | Volunteer Stories

Hannah’s Story

‘We live in interesting times’. Words I have heard a lot recently, and I don’t know whether to respond...

07.02.17 | Volunteer Stories

Canterbury Volunteers

Hello, love, we are your old-age pensioners volunteer group for the day!” gleefully exclaimed the tall silver-haired bloke who...

16.12.16 | Volunteer Stories


Today I froze, but that was my choice, as I walked through Calais town happy in the knowledge that...

13.12.16 | Volunteer Stories

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