Our Projects

Mobile English Workshops

The refugees listed language workshops as their number one desired activity in a recent survey. If you are interested in teaching, we would love your help! We can provide the resources for these workshops, including a series of worksheets for beginner English.

You can also bring your own teaching resources if you wish. Lots of refugees really appreciate the chance to practice their language skills, so they would really appreciate your time!

English Workshops in Calais

Art & Music Workshops

We arrange for volunteers to facilitate art and music workshops at camps and French welcome centres. Creativity is welcomed! For example, Joan, a volunteer from the US, thought it would be nice to do something creative and spontaneous.

She and Andre brought art equipment so refugees and volunteers could paint and spray paint shelters and shops, transforming dull tarpaulin into personalities of artistic expression.

Art and Music Workshops

Sports Days

Care4Calais are providing refugees with the chance to play a range of sports, such as cricket, football and volleyball. Sport can really brighten up someone's day, so if you would like to support us with this, let us know!

We work with other groups such as Play 4 Calais, and there have been some excellent games held on the new football pitch. It was a real success when Ralf Little and David Morrissey joined the team for a match in April.

Sports Days at Calais Camp

Children say yes to Refugees

We are showing how open-minded and caring British school children are. They understand the urgent need to support and welcome refugees and would like to make this clear. Primary school-age children can write messages and draw pictures for a refugee in Calais. If you are interested, you can include a photo or short video of the child explaining their message, with their message clearly visible. Written permission from parents or carers is needed for media that includes their child. Please send any materials and questions to georgie@care4calais.org.

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