Afghan Refugees – Emergency Appeal

Donate now to help provide essential aid to refugees from Afghanistan. A recurring donation is the ultimate thing you can do to help refugees. Recurring donations enable us to respond immediately to crisis and emergencies without waiting to fundraise first.

Afghan Refugees – Emergency Appeal

The Afghanistan evacuation ending has left thousands of people vulnerable to persecution, starvation and disease. Some will escape and come to Calais, just like Syrian families did in 2015, and a few will make it to the UK. These people have witnessed horrifying scenes; babies thrown over razor wire in desperate attempts to get them to safety, bodies falling from planes in the sky and thousands of people gripped with fear as they seek escape.

We need to be ready to care for them. Those lucky enough to escape Afghanistan will have to survive in devastating conditions without any belongings.
Our volunteers will distribute emergency aid to as many vulnerable individuals as we can, but we need donations to provide families with warm clothing, good quality shoes, sleeping bags, tents and other essential supplies.

Donate now to support people living through the most catastrophic conditions. Thank you.

If you’re a non-UK resident and would like to make a donation, please click here

If you’re experiencing technical issues whilst donating, please try via our alternative donation platform by clicking here, or get in touch.

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