Coats4Calais 2018

Over 3,000 refugees are currently sleeping rough in Northern France, and temperatures are rapidly dropping. Some as young as 13, with no access to clean clothes, water or shelter. So this holiday season our goal is to provide each and every one of these refugees with a warm winter coat. To do this we URGENTLY need your help.

We are asking everyone to look in your cupboards for a winter coat that you no longer wear.

  • Donate your coat at your nearest drop off point – see here
  • If you don’t have a coat to donate you can buy a coat to keep a refugee warm all winter for just £20 here

Let’s keep people warm this winter!

To start a collection download a poster or leaflet here and see here for more information.


Ricky Tomlinson

Massive thank you to Ricky Tomlinson for not only donating a whopping £1,000 to our #Coats4Calais appeal, he has also made this fabulous video to help the many refugees who are sleeping rough and freezing in Northern France and Belgium. We 💕Ricky!

3rd December 2018

Hayley Tamaddon

Today our day has been beautifully brightened up by the fabulous Hayley Tamaddon, star of Dancing on Ice and Coronation Street. The lovely Hayley has generously donated this beautiful coat to keep a refugee warm this winter. Thank you so much Hayley!

7th December 2018

Lord Alf Dubs

Today are absolutely delighted to have life long advocate for refugees, Lord Alf Dubs, supporting our #Coats4Calais appeal. Our goal is to provide each and every one of the refugees who are freezing in Northern France with a warm winter coat. Please help us – and Lord Dubs – to help these refugees now.

8th December 2018

Hope Virgo

Today one of our passionate volunteers, @Hope Virgo, is asking you to spend just a minute thinking about the refugees who will be sleeping rough, outside in the cold, tonight.

Hope has been to Calais and met face to face the men, women and children who are trapped there; living in terrible conditions due to a worldwide crisis they had no part in creating.

This experience has left her deeply committed to helping refugees – she knows them as real people and has seen their real need.

Hope is asking if you have a coat in a cupboard that you no longer use, please donate this now to keep someone warm.

9th December 2018

Honest Mum Vicki Psarias

Today we absolutely delighted to have Honest Mum Vicki Psarias supporting our Coats4Calais campaign once again.

Vicki knows that every mother has the same hope – if your child is far from home and you can’t reach out to help them, that someone else will.

10th December 2018

Mark Heap

Today we are delighted to announce Mark Heap is the latest supporter of our #Coats4Calais appeal. Mark is best known for his roles in TV comedies such as SpacedBrass Eye, Big Train, Green WingUpstart Crow and Friday Night Dinner – but he made this video personally to help the many refugees who are freezing this winter. Good on ya Mark!

11th December 2018

Norrsång Choir

Big shout out to Norrsång Choir who have ALL donated coats to our #Coats4Calais campaign. Fantastic effort guys!

The choir are performing tomorrow night at Lucia by Norrsång Choir 2018, which is now sold out. A great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

12th December 2018

Diane Abbott


Today we are delighted to have the Rt Hon Diane Abbott MP supporting our #Coats4Calais campaign by donating this warm coat to a refugee who is currently freezing in Northern France. Its great to see Diane continuing to support the many refugees still stranded in France; she has previously visited them in both Calais and Paris, and still remembers them now. We hope to see the day when she can, as promised, end the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ policy that has been in place for so long.

13th December 2018

Leee John

Merry Christmas and thank you to the highly talented LEEE JOHN for both donating to our #coats4calais campaign and also for this wonderfully festive video. Watch and be inspired!

14th December 2018

Caroline Lucas

We are just overwhelmed with the support we are getting for our #Coats4Calais campaign. Today the lovely Caroline Lucas MP has donated her coat to keep a freezing refugee warm in the cold weather. Thank you so much Caroline!

15th December 2018
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