We’re taking the Government to court. Join the fightback against their plans to send refugees to Rwanda.  

The first flight to Rwanda was stopped. But Government plans haven’t. 

IT’S URGENT: In September, we’re taking the UK Government to court. So we’re building a movement of people who are dedicated to #StopRwanda and we need to act now.

We need to show the government that public opinion is against them, and get their plans scrapped for good – that’s why we need your help.

We want a country that treats people with humanity, compassion and fairness. For people fleeing violence and persecution, the UK should be a place to rebuild their lives. But government policies seek to destroy them by brutally deporting them to Rwanda.

We can’t let this happen – we need you to be louder than ever. Together we can make sure no flight ever takes off. Are you with us?

If you’re experiencing technical issues whilst donating, please try via our alternative donation platform by clicking here, or get in touch.

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