Emergency Appeal

In July the French authorities conducted the largest eviction of refugees in Calais since 2016, destroying tents, sleeping bags, possessions and food. Although people were shipped as far as Marseille or Spain, they quickly returned, walking for days with no food or sleep. And now they have absolutely nothing except their unbreakable will to survive.

Since then police have entered the sites every single day, moving people on and not letting them rest.

Our volunteers are searching the area for those left behind. We have found people sleeping on bare tarmac, or wandering for days, hungry, dehydrated and exhausted. We’re working day and night, to provide food, water, sleeping bags and tarpaulins to people in desperate need.

We urgently need your help to buy essential supplies.

Food packs contain bottled water, dates, a packet of biscuits and either nuts or a tin of halal chicken or fish to last two days.

We’re giving out around 400 food packs a day, and more will be needed each day this week. Water is in particularly high demand, as many of the refugees we’re helping have been walking for miles and are suffering from dehydration.

We cannot sustain this for long. We urgently need your help to prevent vulnerable people from going hungry and thirsty.

Thank you.

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