Supporting Refugees in the UK

Urgent appeal for UK volunteers

We urgently need volunteers to join our committed teams in the UK. From organising donations and delivering aid to providing friendship and support to refugees, your help will make a big difference to the vulnerable people we work with.

View our UK refugee support group locations, or help by becoming a virtual volunteer. Training and resources are provided – we just need your time and your compassion.

When refugees first arrive in the UK it can be bewildering for them.  Navigating a new country and a foreign language is a big challenge, made worse if you have no money and are scared and alone.   Our volunteers meet up with refugees to provide a friendly face and helping hand. We collect and distribute of clothes, shoes, mobile phones and other essentials.  We can also help them to access services such as legal aid, English lessons or public transport. 

We are always looking for new volunteers to help with this.  To get involved, or for more information, please email [email protected]

Case studies

Other UK support work

Volunteer with Care4Calais to help refugees from our fantastic back office operation. We are always in need of further support, including:

  • Logistics management; communication with, and coordination of, our many collection points around the UK; optimisation of most needed donations and our procurement function; management of the logistics of getting donations to and from our three UK hubs; arranging deliveries and transport to and from Calais.
  • Drivers, both within the UK and from the UK to Calais.
  • Communications with volunteers; management of health and safety; data protection; safeguarding and internal staff management and policies
  • Fundraising, research and support, campaigning for refugees’ rights
  • Communications and marketing skillsdesign, social media and copy-writing
  • General admin and finance

OR start a Collection Point

If you have some time to devote to helping refugees in the UK, please get in touch with us at [email protected] with a brief summary of why you are interested in helping, whether you have any particular experience or skills that you would like to use (i.e. administrative, communications, social media, design etc) and how much time you could offer per week or month. If you have an up to date CV please attach that so we can get an idea of your background. We will then work out the best way you might fit into our team and get back to you with some ideas. There is so much to do – we’d love to have you involved!

Other ways to get involved

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