#GiveBoots Partner Toolkit

Thank you for supporting our winter drive to #GiveBoots to refugees throughout Northern Europe. Good shoes are so important to refugees.

They walk miles every day to get to food distributions and to find places to sleep. But so few have decent footwear.  When you live outside if your feet get wet, they stay wet, and permanently wet feet can lead to foot rot or worse.

A decent pair of walking boots will last the winter, so giving boots is one of the best things we can do to improve someone’s quality of life.  We can buy a good pair of waterproof walking boots just £20. Please help us to help them now.

Whether you are looking to spread the word on your own or as part of an organisation, we have put together a handy toolkit to get you started.

Social Media

Share our social graphic to let your followers, friends and family know you are supporting the #GiveBoots campaign and encourage them to get involved too.

For Organisations
For Individuals

Add this graphic to your Facebook Header to let people know you are supporting the campaign.


We have put together an email that you can easily share with your contacts and supporters. Let others know how they can get involved by sending an email on behalf of your organisation or from you personally.


Use our poster template to share details of your own fundraising activities for the #GiveBoots campaign.

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