13 year old Amir dreams of playing cricket with his cousins in the UK

13 year old Amir dreams of playing cricket with his cousins in the UK

I come from Balkh province in Afghanistan which is not very safe. When things became bad, my parents sent me away with a friend of the family. The journey was very long and on the way I lost my parents’ friend, so now I am travelling alone.

I am going to meet my uncle in the UK. My mum says it will be safe for me there. I am happy I am not in Afghanistan but I am scared about my Mum and Dad. I wish they could have come with me. Last week there was a bomb that exploded in this region hurting people and I got so scared it would be my mum. But luckily she is ok.

It is hard to get to England, I thought I could be there by now. I want to see my uncle and play cricket with my two cousins. I love cricket, I used to play it at school. When I get to the UK with my uncle I don’t know what I will do. Maybe first I will eat and then sleep and then maybe I will play some cricket and go back to school. Then I hope my parents will come and visit me soon.

– Amir, 13, Afghanistan translated by Hamid, 22, Afghanistan.

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