Boxing and football classes build resilience for refugees

Boxing and football classes build resilience for refugees

We just got back from another amazing boxing class for refugees in Wimbledon. As always, our friend Nabil was there – he’s a regular. During class he always tells us how happy boxing makes him and how much it helps him improve his English. Another regular, Ahmed, used to be extremely quiet and reserved; he would come alone to our distributions and left swiftly. But the boxing classes have really brought him out of his shell. The difference in his confidence is unbelievable.

Not only have these weekly boxing classes been a blessing for people’s mental and physical health, but it’s a fun activity that we all share as equals. Unlike in distributions, in sport there is no split between givers and receivers.

We are so grateful to be working with Daniel from @RenaissanceFC to deliver the classes. He is a brilliant instructor who offers football and boxing sessions for refugees in London and Kent. Entertainment aside, his primary focus is on building resilience and encouraging social integration. The name RenaissanceFC stems from exactly that: Daniel says many refugees felt hopeless before reaching the UK, but once here they feel alive again. Their spirit is revived.

The best part is that no matter how bad the weather, people still come along. Rain or shine, our regulars are always there. Refugees from other hotels have also started joining in, and those who don’t want to play come to the park anyway to watch the matches and chat with us. It’s been fantastic getting to know the residents better and making sure they aren’t stuck in the hotel all day like many used to be.

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