Make the world their oyster!

Make the world their oyster!

When I first met my friend from Eritrea, he had no confidence, couldn’t speak any English and was finding it hard to remain motivated. He was desperate to integrate into the community and contribute to society.

Many other asylum seekers in the hotel felt the same – stuck inside and only able to leave for a few hours at a time. It was only supposed to be temporary accommodation but they’ve been stuck in limbo for months, waiting for asylum.

The team of Care4Calais volunteers in Wimbledon wanted to mobilise! We got in touch with Kingston College – who amazingly offered free college meals and tuition to the guys in the local hotel.

Sadly, the college wasn’t permitted to fund travel for the asylum seekers. Something as simple as getting the bus to college can be so difficult when you’re only entitled to £8 a week.

The Care4Calais team started a fundraiser, raising enough money for every asylum seeker to be able to have a travel card not miss any of the school terms. The response was amazing. We are so grateful to everyone who donated. A huge thank you especially to Hope for the Young, who donated £1,500 to fund 15 of our younger residents.

My Eritrean friend couldn’t believe it. He can leave the hotel, make friends at college, practice his English in a classroom and become a member of society.

– Lilly, volunteer.

You can still donate to the fundraiser to support new joiners and contribute to next term’s expenses:

About Care4Calais

Care4Calais was founded by a group of volunteers with the sole aim of supporting the people of the Calais refugee camps, providing fresh meals, warm clothing, heating and important legal and medical support.

We are not politicians – we are people like you who simply believe that every human has the right to be treated in a fair and dignified way.

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