Sanaz is granted right to remain in the UK

Sanaz is granted right to remain in the UK
Care4Calais was always by my side
After 19 months, blind asylum seeker Sanaz Derikvandi, 33, and her mother Fatemeh Mir Derikvandi, 59, have at last been granted the right to remain in the United Kingdom.
Sanaz became suicidal after the Home Office failed to interview the two since they fled from Iran and arrived in the United Kingdom in August 2019. An article in The Guardian on 17 March spurred officials into action leading to interviews for the two asylum seekers six days later, and the news on 19 April that asylum had been granted.
“When I heard the news how happy my heart became,” said Sanaz who wishes to thank all at Care4Calais for the support she and her mother received.
“I can see the future now.” She said Care4Calais was always by her side. “I could feel you striving on my behalf,” she said. “I am sending this great message of thanks. I now have the right to remain; the right to rebuild my life in the United Kingdom and for that, I am thankful to you all.”
Sanaz, who was studying for a PhD in English Literature before being forced to flee Iran for her religious beliefs, plans to earn qualifications here so she can teach visually impaired people.
“I am grateful to everyone at Care4Calais who joined me in reaching my dream.”
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