Meet the People of Calais

Here we give some of our friends the chance to tell us their stories, in their words. Not their stories as refugees, in camps or on boats.

Their stories as people; the challenges they’ve faced, their dreams and their hopes for the future.

It’s an opportunity to see the humanity that gets lost behind terms like ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’.

These are their stories:

Who we are:

Care4Calais is volunteer run charity built by people who want to help other people in a situation that no one should face. Having lost families and homes through no fault of their own they now find themselves sleeping rough in Calais, Dunkirk and Belgium.

We do what we can to provide warm clothing, bedding, food, and the hand of friendship to people in desperate need. We are ordinary people, like you, who believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

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