The government has announced that it intends to send refugees arriving in the UK to Rwanda by force. We urgently need your help to stop this from happening. Find out how you can help and for the background on why we are doing this.

What you can do to help


Donate to our Crowdfunder for legal fees to challenge the Rwanda plan in court. We are raising funds for our own legal costs, and to protect us from paying the Home Office’s legal fees if the case gets to court and we don’t win.


Share these refugee information leaflets as widely as possible.  Please share with:

  • Any refugees you know
  • Anyone who works with refuges
  • Any organisations who work with refugees

Please help us to protect people from this reprehensible plan.  Please note:

  • People who arrived before 1 January 2022 should be safe
  • People who arrived via small boat or lorry are being targeted
  • We stopped the government doing pushbacks, we can stop them doing this

Share the leaflets:

Write To Your MP

You can write to your MP by using our template letter. Simply copy and paste the text that we provide, and then enter your postcode into the box below to contact your local MP.


On Saturday 18 June join our ‘Stop the Rwanda plan – All Refugees Welcome’ bloc on the TUC demo in London.

When there are social problems in the UK it is inevitable that refugees and migrants will blamed. So we’re taking a message of unity onto the TUCs demo to promote the rights of refugees and oppose attempts to divide ordinary people.

There will be transport from UK regions

Sign up

Sign up for further updates on how you can #StopRwanda

Why we are doing this

Refugees who have suffered the horrors of war, torture and persecution will now be faced with the intense trauma of deportation and an unknown future. This will cause immeasurable fear, anguish and distress.

Refugees will not be safe. Rwanda is a dictatorship that imprisons, tortures and murders people who speak out against the government. International human rights groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and UNHCR have raised serious concerns. It would be impossible to ensure the safety of people the UK intends to send there.

It will cost British taxpayers a fortune. Surprisingly, the government has not costed the exercise – although the reluctance to release figures may be telling in itself. Australia’s notorious offshore scheme reportedly cost more than £5bn.

Sending asylum seekers to Rwanda would breach the UK’s legal obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Refugee Convention. The government cannot act with impunity, these proposals violate the most fundamental tenets of international law.

It cannot be allowed to happen, and the Government must be held to account for its decisions, which should be made with transparency and decency, not without the opportunity for public scrutiny.

Some refugees are free to cross “safe” countries to seek sanctuary in the UK, while others who do the same thing are punished by being sent to Rwanda.

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