Urgent Winter Appeal

Refugees in Calais and Dunkirk are living in conditions that no human being should have to face.

In winter the nighttime temperature can drop as low as -6, and the wind off the sea is biting. When you live outside and your clothes get wet, they stay wet. It saps your energy and your health. Police repeatedly evict them from the sites where they live. Many do not have coats or shoes that are waterproof or warm enough for winter in Europe.

Access to shelter is a basic human need, but they can never count on it. And that’s wrong.

We’re working hard to get tents and waterproof clothing to as many refugees as possible, but we are running desperately low on resources. Unless we get help now, there’s real risk that refugees here could end up not just cold and wet, but hypothermic.

Please donate now to help us provide these essentials, and keep refugees warm and dry as winter weather takes take hold in Northern France.

How can I get involved?


Please help us now by making a donation. Without you we could not do all we do. You can make a difference now.

Start a fundraiser

For one night you can help fund Care4Calais’ emergency work with the most vulnerable people in the current crisis.

Drop off your tent

You can drop off your tent or sleeping bags at one of our drop off points.

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