Victims of war are suffering on our doorstep. Governments are doing nothing to help, but you can.

The infamous Calais refugee camp was closed by the French authorities on 4 November 2016. Around 6,000 refugees were bussed to new 'welcome’ centres all around France. But this is not the end of the refugee crisis in Northern France. The refugees crisis in Europe is the biggest challenge of our generation. Governments do not recognise this as a humanitarian crisis, but you can.

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The reason that refugees have been coming to Calais for so many years is that, if you want to claim asylum in the UK, you have to be physically present in the UK, and there is no legal way to get there. So refugees gather at points close to the UK and risk smugglers and illegal means to gain entry. Until safe and legal routes are established this is likely to go on, and these victims of war and conflict will need our help.

Care4Calais provides direct aid to refugees living in the worst conditions across northern France and also to those in the French welcome centres who do not have access to winter clothing, adequate food or other daily essentials. We help those living on the streets in Paris and those in small camps wherever they spring up.

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