“If my family were bombed and had lost everything, I’d like to think that someone, somewhere in the world would help them, if I couldn’t”

-Sarah, mother and volunteer, Leeds


Please sign and share our petition before more children die

  • Volunteer rescue ships can no longer to operate in the Mediterranean, so the death rate has shot up to a horrifying one in every five people drowned or lost – the highest its ever been
  • UK tax payer’s money is keeping people detained in Libya where they are tortured and brutalised

Please sign now as a statement that we do not support these horrific policies that are being implemented by our governments

How can you help?


Please help us now by making a donation. Without you we could not do all we do. You can make a difference now.


We are always in need of dedicated volunteers who want to help make a difference with their hands and hearts.


Help us raise awareness of this growing humanitarian crisis. Connect, share and keep up with our latest updates from Calais.

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