Our incredible volunteers support more than 5000 refugees and people seeking asylum across the UK and northern France. They offer their time to collect and distribute essential items and provide social support, and to help in many other different ways, from replying to messages, to fundraising and admin.

You don’t need any particular life experience to help. We are looking for people who are empathetic, anti-racist, and reliable; background doesn’t matter.

What you’ll get out of volunteering for us

Volunteer with Care4Calais in the UK and you’ll be working with some of the most caring, compassionate, motivated people in the world. 

You’ll also learn new skills. All new volunteers go through our training programme, which has been praised by others working in the charity sector. 

The programme includes:

  • safeguarding
  • introduction to our work and the refugee sector/UK asylum system
  • training in distributing aid
  • suicide prevention
  • age dispute claims
  • legal access 

You will meet amazing people, and get to understand at first hand the stories behind the news item that is so often misrepresented by politicians and the media.

“I had never thought about the impact I could make as an individual person before I volunteered with Care4Calais. But when the people I’d supported began thanking me for the difference I’d made to their lives, it made me realise how important this work is.”

Courtney, volunteer

Ways You Can Help

You can help in a wide variety of roles across the UK – everything from face-to-face support for people seeking asylum, to logistics and more virtual, admin-focused roles. You can be based anywhere, and do as much time as works for you. 

Volunteer in Calais

Find out more about volunteering with us in Calais

Volunteer in the UK

Find out more about volunteering with us in Calais

Help us to raise funds

Find out how you can help us to raise funds to support our work

Donate and collect

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