“If my family were bombed and had lost everything, I’d like to think that someone, somewhere in the world would help them, if I couldn’t”

-Sarah, mother and volunteer, Leeds

Winter Appeal

Right now temperatures in Calais are below zero and men, women and children are sleeping outside. They have no shelter from the elements and police regularly take their tents, sleeping bags and belongings so they have no way to keep warm or dry.

Our volunteers are out seven days a week providing basic essentials to keep them alive. Please donate now to allow this important work to continue

Thank you

How can you help?


Please help us now by making a donation. Without you we could not do all we do. You can make a difference now.


We are always in need of dedicated volunteers who want to help make a difference with their hands and hearts.


Help us raise awareness of this growing humanitarian crisis. Connect, share and keep up with our latest updates from Calais.

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