In addition to working with a great team of people, we will provide:

  • Organisation, making sure you gain experience and help refugees.
  • Daily briefings on our operation, health and safety and status updates.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information, advice and support from the team.
  • In-country support and advice, emergency support, and social events.


We strive to spend every penny of our donations on the refugees, but charity volunteers are vital to our success. The longer you work with us, the more you can achieve, so if you have the time to volunteer but are limited with funds, then we may be able to assist you with accommodation.

If you are interested in flat/house shares or lift shares please join our volunteer chat group here and you can link up to others looking for the same. When you sign up to volunteer below we will send you the current list of accommodation options and any discounts available as well as other helpful pre-departure information, advice and support. Whilst in Calais our team will continue that advice and support and there are often social gatherings in evenings with the volunteers as well.

Travel Insurance

Volunteers in France should have full, comprehensive travel insurance in place before joining us. We will ask you for proof of insurance before you start – without insurance in place we reserve the right to withdraw our offer of a volunteering opportunity.

Basic Disclosure

If you are volunteering with us for a month or longer, you’ll need to apply online for a Basic Disclosure. We’ll need to check your certificate (usually provided within 14 days of application) before you can begin. Once you have been with us for two weeks, we will be able to reimburse you for the cost of your application.

If you’re ready to volunteer, start your online basic disclosure application.

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