We’re taking the government to court to stop pushbacks

We’re taking the government to court to stop pushbacks

We’re proud to say we’ve officially begun our legal action against this Government’s plan to cruelly push back flimsy boats at sea.

We’re making our challenge alongside the PCS Union who represent Border Force’s own officials, and we’re doing this on behalf of all refugees whose lives will be put in more danger if they try to cross the channel and get pushed back.

Pushbacks are the forcible turning around of boats carrying refugees to stop them from reaching a country’s border. Pushbacks have led to deaths in other countries and we don’t want them to turn the English Channel into a graveyard.

Just a month ago, 27 people lost their lives in the cold, dark waters of the Channel when their dingy sank. Following this horrific event it should be unimaginable to do anything that risks causing more such deaths, yet that’s exactly what pushbacks at sea do.

That’s why we’re going to court to stop them. Please support us by donating to our crowdfunder for legal costs: http://www.crowdjustice.com/case/challenging-the-pushbacks-policy/

About Care4Calais

Care4Calais was founded by a group of volunteers with the sole aim of supporting the people of the Calais refugee camps, providing fresh meals, warm clothing, heating and important legal and medical support.

We are not politicians – we are people like you who simply believe that every human has the right to be treated in a fair and dignified way.

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