The drop off map

Just click on any blue pin for contact details of your nearest drop off point

Please use the map to find the closest drop off point to you, and then contact them directly to ask for the address, say what you have to donate and to set up a time to drop your items off. Many of our drop off points are volunteers’ homes, and the addresses therefore aren’t listed publicly. Thank you for your understanding!

IMPORTANT – Please ensure your donations are clearly marked “Care4Calais” on all sides as some locations help other charities as well.

Collecting and donating under Covid-19

It is important to put everyone’s safety first so we must reduce any risks of Covid transmission. Therefore we ask that:

  • When delivering donations to a drop-off point, you wear a mask, put the items on the doorstep, ring the bell and take a few steps back.
  • When receiving the items, you wear a mask, take them into your storage space and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Donations are left untouched for three days before being moved or distributed.
  • If you, the donor, or anyone in your household has symptoms, DO NOT donate items until your self-isolation period is over.
  • If you, the drop-off point owner, or anyone in your household has symptoms, DO NOT receive or touch donations until your self-isolation period is over.

We believe that these procedures will help protect donors, volunteers and recipients. Please follow these guidelines so that we may continue to help those in need as safely as possible

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