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Please see the map for details of where we are supporting refugees in the UK. Red pins represent places where Care4Calais is working. Please click on the pin for contact details. Blue pins are where other great groups are supporting refugees in asylum accommodation.

General advice and guidance

Care4Calais gets numerous requests for support across the UK. We need volunteers like you to care for the many refugees who need our help. Please read this guidance for ideas on how to get started, information on most common needs and lots of hints, tips, solutions and more.

For useful information and resources to help with this work please see below:

Fundraising can be hard work so here are some tips to get you started and to make sure you maximise the amount you raise. If you are purchasing new items we can help you to get the best deal possible when you order essentials including clothing and smartphones

Refugees arriving in the UK are often eager to integrate into society and build new lives. Helping them find ways to practice English is one of the most valuable things you can do to support them. Find out how you can help them learn this vital skill.

Refugees who have legal advice have a much better chance of getting asylum, and faster too, but it’s a matter of finding a lawyer who can help them via legal aid. Many refugees can’t read and write well in English, and their phones may have been confiscated by the Home Office; how are they going to get on google and find help? So, in a nutshell that’s what we do.

It’s amazing the difference it can make, matching up a refugee with a lawyer who can fight for them. Volunteers give us the contact details for refugees who have made it to the UK, and we get as much information as we can and pass it on so that the lawyer can help.

If you know a refugee who needs our help please email contact us

Asylum seekers are entitled to free medical and dental care in the UK. Care4Calais have produced a helpful information sheet explaining how asylum seekers can get registered with a doctor and dentist, and what they need to do to ensure their access to health care is free. The text is repeated in Arabic and Farsi and can be download here.

For easy to understand information and advice on the asylum process see Right to Remain – Toolkit this includes videos in many languages.

The following free helpline is very good: 020 7553 7470. It is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 1pm. The helpline is free and confidential. JCWI: Our Helplines

For more in depth analysis and to keep up to date with legal developments we recommend Free Movement

The safety and security of everyone involved in our work is our first priority. Here you will find essential information about how Care4Calais keeps our staff, volunteers and the people we support safe. Please make sure you read this before heading off to meet refugees.

Not sure what items to collect? Here is a helpful list of the items that the refugees we support most need.

We’ve created a useful information leaflet for the refugees you meet during your volunteering. Simply download the Word document and fill in any relevant local information. We can help with cheap printing costs if you would like to distribute these leaflets in your hotel.

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